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About Us

Sew Squared is a family owned quilt shop located in the Town of Atoka in Tipton County TN.  We carry a variety of top selling 100% cotton quilting fabric, notions, and patterns.  Sheri Hudson is the principal owner and is assisted in the business by husband, Billy (shop handyman) and  mother-in-law Sherry Hudson, and on occasion her father-in-law and sister-in-law.   Yes, you read that right, there are 2 of us, and Billy is a junior.  So, as you can imagine things can get a little confusing around here at times.  We wouldn't have it any other way. 
The Hudson family was inspired to open a quilt shop in our adopted home county about 8 years ago as we were seeing so many local quilt shops closing and the owners retiring.  Sheri did a lot of market research and started building a business model and plan to make her dream a reality.  Then the pandemic hit and everything got put on hold.  In 2021, as the pandemic was winding down and more shops were shuttering their doors, we knew the time was right, so the plan was put into motion and Sew Squared was born.  We spent several months finding just the right location and building our dream to offer top quality tools and premiere fabrics to local quilters.  We officially opened for business Dec. 1, 2021.  

We often get asked where we got our shop name.  The simple answer is because there are 2 of us.  Momma Sherry (as she is affectionately called by friends and customers) and Sheri share a love of crafting, especially quilting.  Since we share a common name, but different spellings, naming the shop after us just wouldn't work, despite most everyone calling us  "the Sherrys".  We had everything settled about the shop, except the name.  We knew we wanted a name to reflect what the shop is and who we are.  We kept coming back to the fact that we were unique in sharing our name, and the same passion for quilting.  "The Sherrys" became Two Sheris which morphed into S2. S2 seemed like a perfect name, except it was already taken by another business in the county. Then it hit!  S2 -  is really S squared (Sheri squared)  and that idea became Sew Squared, and that is why, if you look closely at our logo, you will see a number 2 in it.  

Sheri is a life long crafter, Navy veteran, retired Biology professor, mother and Gram to 3 little boys.  On any given day, you may find her knitting a scarf, working on a cross stitch pattern, crocheting or sitting at her design table working on a new quilt pattern.  She got her start sewing at age 5 when her Gram stuck a needle and thread in her hand, telling her that all proper young ladies should know how to sew.  At 7, she hand stitched her first "Crazy quilt" block for Pioneer days at her elementary school. Her love of sewing led her to making doll clothes, her own clothes, Halloween costumes, and clothes for her children.  She was also a seamstress for the Munford High School Marching Band for 14 years.  Momma Sherry taught Sheri the fundamentals of quilting in the mid 90's, and she has been quilting ever since.  Sheri's passion lies in the creative process of designing new quilts and writing patterns, several of which are for sale in the shop under the Sheri's Originals brand.  Sheri loves to share her knowledge of color, color placement, fabric choice and design with quilters of all skill levels.  It is one of her great joys to teach and share her craft with others.   She is the primary quilt instructor at Sew Squared.  When not working on her varied projects, you can find Sheri happily wandering her farm and tending to her animals.  

Momma Sherry, is a retired mom, grandmother and great grandmother.  She has had many varied jobs in life while traveling attached to the Air Force with her husband.  She is the quiet face behind the scenes at Sew Squared.  She is always present and willing to lend a hand to novice and experienced quilters alike.  On any given morning, you'll find her browsing the shop, or sitting in the classroom working with our Sew - n- sews.  She has well over 4 decades of experience quilting and is always ready with a kind word, or piece of advice.  She prefers to stay in the background, letting Sheri be the voice and face of the shop, although she is an active participant in fabric selection.  Sherry has been known to hand quilt smaller projects.  She finds hand sewing traditional binding to be a good way to relax, especially on cold winter nights.  Like her daughter-in-law, Sherry lives on the family farm and can often be found puttering in her barn.  

Combined, Sheri and Sherry have close to 80 years experience quilting.  Their expertise is evident in every aspect of the shop from fabric and pattern choices, to shop design, layout and classes. 
Come in, bring your "show and tell" UFOs, PHD's, WIPs, or just drop by for a visit.  We'd love to see all of your lovely projects and help you get started on your next one.